Why I Love New Orleans: Reason #24

Reason #24: Everyone is on New Orleans Time

My sister posted this video to my Facebook wall yesterday and I couldn’t help but think HOLY CRAP THIS IS SPOT ON. This video pretty much sums up daily life in New Orleans.

This city is on its own time, like island time. I hope you are never in a rush while in New Orleans because this city does not allow you to get anywhere in a hurry. The beauty of this is that you are usually interrupted by something like the video above; be it a parade, a second-line, street performers, a marathon run, someone stopping in the middle of the street to talk with a friend…. or any other random bouts of celebration or joy that insist on making you stop and listen.


This is something I love about New Orleans – how laid back and slow it is. No one is ever on time, nothing ever starts on time, and therefore no one expects you to be on time.

This is great for people like me who have every intention of leaving the house on time, but when heading for the door realizes ten things I still need to do or forgot inside.

Until next time…

Paix et Amour

*Picture from San Diego Reader


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