Why I Love New Orleans: Reason #25

Reason #25: Frenchman Street

Forget Bourbon, Frenchman Street is the place to be. Anyone who knows me from New Orleans will know where to find me on a Friday night.

Cafe Negril, Frenchman Street

First of all, Frenchman Street is ALL LIVE MUSIC. From a first glance, some might equate Frenchman to Bourbon, you know, a long stretch of bars crowded with drunk people. However, unlike Bourbon Street, Frenchman Street has live music in pretty much every bar, and each performance exudes talent.

Frenchman is a good time, without the excess amounts of tourists and drunk assholes you see on Bourbon. It is a great place to go if you want to dance to good music without paying $15 for a drink.

Additionally, if you decide your over the whole live music, cultural aspect, there are various bars with upstairs dance clubs with live DJs and balconies to smoke on.

My five favorite bars for live music are:

  1. Cafe Negril: Upbeat reggae music and amazing food, no cover
  2.  Maison: A mix of cover bands, jazz and other, no cover
  3. 30/90: Also a mix of jazz, salsa, and cover music, no cover
    • upstairs DJ
  4. Blue Nile: Popular New Orleans artists, cover
    • upstairs DJ
  5. Spotted Cat: Fun swing music, cover


Besides the great atmosphere, the cool people, the amazing music, and the dance clubs, there is also an outdoor art market that is open Thursday-Sunday from 7pm-1am.


The Frenchman Art Market is my favorite thing about the area. You can browse through the isles of paintings, photography, hand-made jewelry, sculptures and much more, while sipping a beer or a glass of wine and meeting super interesting people.

If visiting New Orleans, believe me, Frenchman Street is nightlife that you do not want to miss.

Until next time…

Paix et Amour


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