Why I Love New Orleans: Reason #26

Reason #26: Street Art

The city of New Orleans is like one giant museum. Everywhere you go there is some type of art on the side of buildings, on the sidewalk, under the bridge, etc.

Brandon Odums aka Bmike is currently the most famous street artist in New Orleans. His first major project called #ProjectBe was developed in 2013. He painted an apartment complex that was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina with black civil rights leaders.

Bmike gained national attention with his second project, #ExhibitBe, which consisted of another abandoned apartment complex on the West Bank in New Orleans. This project was the largest street art gathering in the South.

Bmike’s latest development is StudioBe, which opened about a year ago. The studio, situated in a warehouse in the Bywater neighborhood, displays his newest projects along with some pieces brought in from ExhibitBe.

His artwork is real, it is raw and emotional, it is moving, and it should be seen by everyone.

Until next time…

Paix et Amour</em


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