Why I Love New Orleans: Reason #27

Reason #27: French Quarter Part 1 – Royal Street

What most people think of when they hear New Orleans is the French Quarter. Although there is so much more to New Orleans than this touristy area, it does have a lot to offer – that’s not only Bourbon Street.

My favorite street in the French Quarter is Royal Street. Royal street is lined with shops, galleries, cafes, and small boutique hotels.


It is a perfect place for a stroll. Some people assume that the best time to go to the French Quarter is at night, when the bars are hoppin’. However, my favorite time to visit the Quarter is during the day because it is such a great place to walk around.


Royal Street is the perfect place to go for a relaxing day of window shopping, eating, drinking coffee, and looking at art. It is also a great place to find street performers and other interesting spectacles such as voodoo shops and vintage stores.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, my favorite po-boy place is located on Royal Street – don’t miss out!!

Until next time…

Paix et Amour


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